Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday! How about a Fun Friday?

Today's card is a swap I received from Jan Waters a couple months ago. I just loved it as I could relate so well with it. If you all know me you know I love stamp sets and its always very hard for me to get rid of them once they retire. I've had to learn to be better about this as my space has been condensed since I've moved, and I only keep my very favorite retired stamp sets. I actually cried this last time the retired stamp list came out as I pulled stamp set after stamp set out of my drawer. While this was sad for me, it did make room for new sets and I was able to find new loving homes for those sets that I so loved. I think I will leave this card on my stamping desk (maybe in a frame?) so that I can live vicariously through Suzie Stamper on the card. Thanks so much Jan, your card touches my heart!

So, what about the title of this post and how does this card relate? Well, I have several cards, projects, photos, ect. that I'm always wanting to share, however often times I find they are not current products, or sometimes even Stampin' Up! (although I try to always use Stampin' Up products as I love them so).  Fridays are so lacidasial as it's the end of the week and the weekend is nearing, so why not have a day just to share whatever I want! Well, that's what I'm going to try out. This will be my day to share more personal fun items, rather than things associated with my business. Check back next Friday and be sure to tell me how you like the posts!


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